We are certified cruelty free!

Our goal is to empower your skin’s natural potential to be radiant.

Navinka was created by Natasha Grigorian - a medical esthetician with nearly 30 years of experience in skin care.

We are dedicated to creating clean and effective skincare that strengthens and illuminates your skin.

Our nutrient packed formulas boost the skins ability to recover  from environmental stressors, revealing strong, healthy and radiant complexion. 

Our products are fragrance-free, making them the perfect choice for sensitive skin.

Made in small batches.

This means you get ingredients that are fully potent. It also allows us to use natural preservative systems that are gentle on the skin - another win for sensitive types.


Woman using chemical exfoliator

How to improve ingredient absorption and delivery

But if these ingredients are not delivered correctly, the benefits may not be as obvious and you might walk away with lacklustre results.
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Cleansing Music Mix

Cleansing Music Mix

Cleansing is not just for your face and body. Clear your mind with our new music mix.





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How to prepare your skin for spring

How to prepare your skin for spring

When choosing optimal skincare products for spring, we suggest that you keep a few product types in your mind.
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