What Is Milia? How to Stop It and How to Treat It

What Is Milia? How to Stop It and How to Treat It

Although milia are harmless, they can be frustrating to deal with. And since they last longer than pimples or acne, they can be more challenging to remove. Here’s everything you need to know about milia, including what causes it and how to prevent it from coming back.
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Water Rabbit Music Mix

Water Rabbit Music Mix

2022 is almost over and it’s been a big year for us! New formulas, new partners and collaborators, lots of love and lots of new ideas! Stay tuned for exciting new products and enhancements of the originals in 2023!

We hope you all have the best last day of 2022! Happy New Year! 🥂💋🥂

Click the link below  for our fresh music mix in honor of the water rabbit 🐇 💦



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Immerse your senses in the Navinka ritual: skincare that feels luxurious and will give you the best skin of your life.

Navinka was created by Natasha Grigorian, a medical esthetician with nearly 30 years of experience in skin care. We work closely with esteemed spas, professionals, and estheticians. They trust and love Navinka—and now, you can bring the best of the best into your own home.

All of our products are comprised of the highest quality ingredients. Navinka uses only effective, natural elements, sourced from the earth, to enhance your natural beauty and attain visible results.

Our gentle and effective products are ideal for all skin types, including sensitive skin. Navinka products are completely void of inactive ingredients, fillers, fragrances, or harsh irritants.

Infuse your life with the power of nature. Welcome to the Navinka family. We’re always there to answer questions.

We are certified cruelty free!