About Us

Navinka was developed by Natasha Grigorian and Julia McClure -a mother and daughter team. Natasha Grigorian is a seasoned medical esthetician, who spent the last 25 years caring for the faces of her clients. Their products are based on Natasha's expert knowledge of skin and her extensive experience in the skin care industry. 

Our Story

The name Navinka is an homage to a small town in Russia where Natasha and Julia spent a lot of their childhoods. It was a lush and magical place- a home to a gorgeous variety of berry bushes, fruit trees and vegetables. Natasha and Julia grew up watching the women of this town make health boosting tinctures and facial masks out of all the plants that grew around them. They now bottle this ancient skincare wisdom, reinterpreting and formulating it using a mixture of innovative and clinically tested ingredients, bringing together the best known nutrients of the past and the present into their products.









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