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5 Effective Palm Oil- Free Alternatives that you'll find in our skincare products.

5 Effective Palm Oil- Free Alternatives that you'll find in our skincare products.

Of late, the skincare industry has been awash with the need to reduce its impact on the environment.


Not only are brands swapping from hard-to-recycle packaging to eco-friendly options, but there's also been a shift in the use of synthetic ingredients to natural alternatives. 


Unfortunately, the high demand for organic and natural ingredients and their subsequent extraction is affecting our environment. And one of such natural ingredient with high demand is Palm oil. Harvesting and extracting palm oil is dangerous to our environment, and that's why our brand has adopted environmentally sustainable options.


Why we don't use Palm Oil in our products.


Palm oil is an edible oil extracted from the nuts of palm trees. Once native to West Africa, the cultivation of palm trees has spread to North America and Asia, where they have become gold. It is not news that palm oil is the most consumed vegetable oil in the world.



Palm oil is catching so much heat in recent times, not because the oil itself is harmful but because its extraction method is not sustainable to our environment.  

Research states that an area the equivalent size of 300 football fields of rainforest is cleared each hour to make way for palm oil production.


Also, palm oil production is associated with air pollution, endangering wildlife, weather change, child labor, and animal cruelty. Deforestation caused by palm oil cultivation and harvested are driving animals such as orangutans into extinction.


Is palm oil in my skincare?

If you take a short tour of the shelves of your local grocer's shop, you'll notice that palm oil is found in more than half of the products, from food, cleaning agents to skincare.


In cosmetic products, palm oil plays the role of a thickener, cleanser, and an emulsifier. You can find palm oil and its sibling, palm kernel oil, in serums, moisturizers, bar soaps, and cleansers.


When palm oil is not used directly in beauty products, you'll find its derivatives such as;

Myristic acid

Stearic acid

Palmitic acid

Lauric acid


Oleic acid




Is there a sustainable alternative to palm oil?

As a brand, we strive to be palm-free.

And that's why we opt for more sustainable substitutes.


Our products are formulated with environmentally-friendly beauty ingredients that are suitable for every skin type. Below are some of our palm oil alternatives;


Olive Esters

Olive esters are botanical, eco-friendly ingredients derived from olive oil via a process known as transesterification. The 100% water-soluble ester is known for its emollient and soothing properties. Olive esters are natural, zero waste, and sustainable.


Olive Glycereth esters is in our Cheeks serum.


Sea buckthorn oil

Made as a by-product from the pulp and seeds of the sea buckthorn berry, this antioxidant-rich oil with an abundance of Omega- 3 fatty acids and vitamin E boosts elasticity, improves hydration, and enhances cell regeneration.


Our cold-pressed sea buckthorn oil meets vital principles of environmental sustainability.


You'll find sea buckthorn oil in the oil phase of our 2 -step cleanser that is great for managing many skin concerns.


Apricot Kernel Oil

Our apricot kernel oil is extracted from the kernels of apricot via cold process. The lightweight oil has a similar structure to our sebum, and it is suitable for both dry and sensitive skin types.


The main functions of the nutrient-dense oil include; combating wrinkles, fine lines, and signs of aging. Apricot kernel oil is a staple in our 2-step cleanser.



Plum Kernel Oil

Our plum kernel oil rich in fatty acids is sustainably sourced from the kernels of the European plum. The cold-pressed oil combats oxidative stress while leaving your skin plump and well-nourished.


Plum kernel oil in our Cheeks serum is one of our favorite ingredients because it balances sebum production while unclogging pores.


Decyl Glucoside

We formulate our products with natural surfactants such as decyl glucoside. Decyl glucoside is derived from biodegradable raw materials such as corn and coconuts. And it has been certified safe.


This surfactant infused in the "foaming phase" of our 2 -step cleansing system is gentle, non-drying, and non-irritating on the skin.


We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint. And that's why we do not create palm-oil based products. You can check our site for ingredients' listing to peruse the ingredients in all our products.







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