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Benefits Of Licorice Root Extract For Your Skin

Benefits Of Licorice Root Extract For Your Skin

“Licorice root has been esteemed among Egyptians, and archaeologists found great quantities of this botanical stored among the fabulous jewelry and art treasures in the 3000 year old tomb of King Tut. Licorice was also one of the first herbs used in China and is mentioned in their herbal writings as being beneficial to the lives of men in numerous ways” - from Nature’s Medicines by Richard Lucas

We love and have so much respect for our anscestors observations of plants and their powers. Indeed, Licorice Root Extract is a powerful ancient gem. Recent scientific studies also support its efficacy.

Here are some of Licorice’s Powers:
- Licorice contains Glycyrrhizin, the anti - inflammatory genius that calms and is clinically shown to improve skin conditions such as psoriasis. 

Glycyrrhizin is also responsible for the anti-aging qualities of Licorice. It acts as a strong antioxidant, helping fight against UV damage, preventing premature aging.
- Licorice root contains a compounds called Licochalcone A, which helps strengthen your skin and supports your skins natural defense mechanisms.
- Liquiritin is another useful compound in Licorice, it works to break down pigmentation from sun damage, brightening and illuminating your skin. 

These are the reasons why Licorice Root Extracf has made the cut for our Eye Transofmer formula. 




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