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Ceramides. What are they and why does your eye zone need them right now?

Ceramides. What are they and why does your eye zone need them right now?

Ceramides is another word for fats. They occur naturally in our skin and function as a kind of sealant that prevents moisture loss and also provides important protection from pathogens in the environment.

As we age and our skin becomes exposed to environmental damage these vital skin fats gradually become depleted, sometimes to the point of visible dryness and cracks.


Not only does this affect the way our skin looks, the depletion of ceramides leaves our skin more sensitive, easily irritated and vulnerable to allergens and pathogens that wedge themselves into these micro gaps, leading to a number of uncomfortable skin conditions, such as itchiness, inflammation and eczema.


This vital element diminishes even faster in the thin and delicate layer of skin around our eyes. This why we often begin to see our first wrinkles here, and it’s also why we are most sensitive and easily irritated in this area. 


So what can you do?


Don’t wait until the ceramide loss gets out of control! Make sure you supplement your skin with topical ceramides derived from brown rice or wheat germ. A product that contains this ingredient will fill the gaps in your epidermis, keep your skin smooth, retain moisture and protect it from destructive environmental forces.


Get yourself a good eye serum such as Eye Transformer which contains an entire ceramide complex, which soothes, locks in moisture and protects. In addition our serum contains caffeine, licorice root and raspberry leaf extracts which work together to increase micro circulation around your eye zone, creating a lifting and brightening effect.



Take care!


Lots of love,

Navinka Team

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