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Music Can Heal Your Skin

Music Can Heal Your Skin





Sound healing has been used for thousands of years to promote vitality, energy, relaxation and healing of the body. The idea behind it is that every single person has a different vibration, and sound influences that vibration. When energy shifts and changes within the body, it impacts well-being and the ability to relax, release stress, and feel good.


Guided meditation with chanting, tuning forks, singing bowls, and binaural beats are all forms of sound therapy. The sound of instruments and voices help to untie energy knots and bring the entire body into a state of harmony.


The vibrations travel through the body and open up energy pathways, improving circulation and releasing endorphins that make you feel good. These sound vibrations alter brainwaves to increase mood, which in turn is healing for your entire body, including your skin!


A quick search online on your favorite music platform will reveal videos that have Tibetan singing bowls, binaural beats, and other relaxing sounds available to try sound healing with.


It's especially helpful to listen to relaxing sound as part of your nighttime skin care routine. You can find sounds or music that you personally find relaxing. All you need to do is listen and tune in to the sounds that calm your emotions, relax your body, helping you ease into your body's restorative mode. But if you don't feel like searching for relaxing music, we've made a mix for you! Enjoy!



Navinka Team

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