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Skinimalism: A Less Tasking Approach To Skincare.

Skinimalism: A Less Tasking Approach To Skincare.

In a world where beauty enthusiasts and influencers constantly sing praises about achieving perfect skin, it can be tempting to get carried away by the never-ending rotation of ingredients and skincare products within our purview.


Many of us, especially those who are impressed by the infamous K-beauty, have been sticking to a detailed multi-step routine to achieve a glowing complexion.


Layering different products, one after the other, might seem like the ultimate answer to your skin goals, but in truth, too much of a thing may spell disaster, and skincare is inclusive. 


Beauty gurus are now making a U-turn and transitioning to more straightforward skincare tasks that make them comfortable in their own skin. And that's where the concept of Skinimalism comes to mind.


What is Skinimalism?

Ever since Pinterest predicted Skinimalism as one of their top beauty trends of 2020, the simple skincare lifestyle has gained a cult following.


Skinimalism is a blendword of "skin" and "minimalism," which refers to a minimalistic skin care approach. It means clearing out our complex skincare regimen in favor of a more uncomplicated, minimal technique; this can be in the form of reducing the number of active ingredients in our skincare routines or eliminating some products. It may even mean using less makeup to allow your natural skin to shine through. Often, the Skinimalism approach is more affordable and sustainable.



Why multi-step skincare routine needs to take backstage


Allowing your skin to cary out its natural functions without constant interference is often overlooked, but that's what your skin needs. The "less is more" beauty regimen offers more benefits than complicated routines.


Applying new formulas, using too many actives, or improper layering of products leave your skin congested, stressed, and overstimulated.


Skin irritation, which may manifest as rashes, redness, or acne, are the typical reactions you'll encounter if you perform multitasking beauty routines. Also, your skin barrier will be tired and overwhelmed. So, now is the time to take a break from your layering fest and switch to a simple routine.

Instead of layering many different products in hopes of achieving a healthy glow, go for just a couple really high quality, high performing formulas that will do the work without overwhelming your microbiome. Spend a little more time getting to know the ingredients in your products, and making educated decisions about what your skin actually needs. 


Skinimalist skincare guide from Navinka. 

To make a seamless switch to a simpler routine is easy and more effective. For example, performing a well thought out 3-step routine will give you better results than a 10-step routine.


Essentially, we suggest that you opt for single skincare products that multitask, especially those formulated with active ingredients that enhance the effects of one another.


And that's why the formula of our products' lineup contains natural active ingredients that work synergistically with the natural functions of your skin, to uncover your healthy and luminous complexion.

For example, our T-zone and Cheeks contain Dandelion Root and Sea Kelp, two active ingredients that work synergistically to control oil production, unclog pores and ward off acne, while Elastin and Red Algae boost elasticity and reverse UV damage. Not bad for just one product! 


Here are Navinka’s simple skincare flow examples.


Morning Routine


1 - Wash your face with our water- based foaming cleanser. It refreshes and tones without stripping, leaving your skin feeling soft and ready for the day. 

2 - Moisturize with T-zone and Cheeks to balance and deeply hydrate without any greasiness. 

3 - Dab some Eye Transformer to awaken the eye area and protect its delicate skin for the day. 



Nighttime Routine

1- Double cleanse. Apply Step 1 (oil cleanser) Leave the oil cleanser on for a few minutes to soften and nourish your skin. Wash off with Step 2 water- based cleanser. 

2- Apply Nightly Calibrator Serum to help the natural nightly cell regeneration and nourish your skin with healing mushroom and elderberry extracts.

3- Moisturize with T-zone and Cheeks to calm, soothe, balance and deeply hydrate but without any grease.


4- Eye Transformer. Apply a small amount around the eyes, to soothe, lift and protect the delicate eye area. 


Our range of products are suitable for all skin types. If you have several skin goals; such as clearing and smoothing out complexion, calming irritation or plumping and reducing fine lines, Navinka’s multi benefit products are all-round beauty essentials that will satisfy them all in one go.

And they are gentle and non-sensitizing, so you can use them all year round without fear of skin irritations or sensitivities.


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