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Spring Cleaning Your Skin

Spring Cleaning Your Skin

4 Simple Steps to Glowing Springtime Skin


You spring clean your house and your car – so what about spring cleaning your skin? Let’s be honest; winter can be tough on skin. It’s a colder and drier time of year, which means more dead skin build-up that contributes to dullness. Plus, there’s less daylight in the winter, making it even more challenging to receive Vitamin D. As the weather shifts and the days get lighter, there are four simple steps you can take to wake up your skin and promote radiance!


1. Spring Clean Your Cabinet


Spring is a great time to make sure you don’t have expired makeup and skincare lingering in drawers and cabinets. Examine the expiration dates on your products – especially sunscreen. If your sunscreen is too old, it won’t be effective. Old makeup and skincare may also harbor bacteria that are harmful to skin and causes breakouts. If it doesn’t smell right or it’s well past its expiration date, it’s time to say goodbye.


2. Exfoliate Your Skin....Gently


Exfoliating your skin is rejuvenating after a long winter. By sloughing off dry and dead skin cells, you reveal softer, smoother, and more radiant skin. When you exfoliate, your skin will better absorb and use the nutrients in your skincare products. This helps your skin get even more out of your skin care flow!

Using a gentle exfoliator such as our Nightly Calibrator will not only help you uncover the fresh layer of skin, it will also deliver moisturizing and healing nutrients that will balance the exfoliating action, leaving your skin feeling fresh, dewy and bouncy, without any irritation. 

3. Spend Time Outside 


Get fresh air. Spend time in the sun. Enjoy nature. These activities are extremely beneficial after a long winter spent indoors. You will clear your mind and get exercise, and as a result, naturally improve skin health while getting essential Vitamin D. Replenishing Vitamin D that may have been missed out on during the winter months promotes the growth and repair of skin cells.


4. Transition Your Skincare


When it’s winter, many people transition to heavier, thicker skincare products. In the spring, the weather can vary wildly from still very cold to warm and mild. Because of this, you may find yourself switching between lighter and heavier products depending on the day. T-Zone + Cheeks makes it super easy to manage unpredictable spring weather because it is two moisturizers in one.


Designed to be used on the zones of the face, T-Zone + Cheeks is the perfect addition to your spring skincare routine. It is lightweight, easily absorbed, and suitable for all skin types. But what makes it so unique is that it is a moisturizer split in two. Because your face produces more oil in the t-zone, T-Zone is more lightweight than Cheeks. Since there are fewer oil glands in the cheeks, Cheeks is a little richer as it contains plum kernel oil.


This dynamic duo is perfect to wake up dull winter skin. Although it can be used as directed year-round, there’s another way you can use T-Zone + Cheeks to your benefit. T-Zone can be used as an all-over daytime moisturizer because it absorbs quickly, isn’t greasy, and it’s very lightweight. It will leave your skin feeling soft, smooth, hydrated, and supple! Clean ingredients such as sea kelp extract are rich in minerals and antioxidants that help soften skin and make sure it stays hydrated longer. Hyaluronic acid also helps draw in moisture to the skin to wake it up after a long winter.


On the other hand, Cheeks can be used as a nighttime moisturizer. The addition of plum kernel oil nourishes skin as it regenerates at night. Although it is slightly heavier than T-Zone, Cheeks will not clog pores. The addition of dandelion root extract helps keep oil production under control and purifies pores. While your skin works hard at night to restore itself, every nutrient in Cheeks complements the process and never hinders it.


But that’s not the only perk to T-Zone + Cheeks. You can mix and match this duo based on transitioning weather. Warm spring day? Use T-Zone as your all-over moisturizer. Cold day? Use Cheeks as your all-over facial moisturizer if you need something heavier.


Spring is a wonderfully rejuvenating time of year when everything is waking up. Take advantage of this beautiful season and be kind to your skin to make it glow.


Written by Mellisa Chichester 

Staff writer and researcher

About Mellissa:

Navinka Researer

Melissa Chichester is a health and wellness writer living in Michigan. She has a passion for skincare and her favorite Navinka product is the Nightly Calibrator.



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