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Summertime Must Have Product

Summertime Must Have Product

Is your skin really ready for summer?

The answer depends on whether you have a good quality vitamin C serum by your side! If you dont yet have it in your routine, we suggest you equip yourself with one ASAP!


Not only does vitamin C keep your skin protected from oxidative stress of sun exposure, it also strengthens and stimulates collagen production to reduce the appearance of fine lines and help brighten and smooth complexion.


But there is even better news for your summer skin! Our 3 O C serum includes a very specialized kind of vitamin c derivative- 3-O ethyl-L-ascorbic acid, which has the same great benefits as pure Vitamin C but because of its chemical structure modification, it is absorbed faster by the skin and as a result more effective!


When it reaches the deeper layers, it gets to work supporting collagen production and skin brightening properties. And like pure Vitamin C, it reduces dark spots and age spots and helps fade hyperpigmentation.


These incredible benefits are why we highly suggest you introduce this serum to your routine today.


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