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Why you need to double cleanse...

Why you need to double cleanse...

What Are the Benefits of Double Cleansing Your Skin?


Cleansing is the foundation of any skin care flow. One of the most effective methods is double cleansing, a two-step facial cleansing method. This method was popularized in Korea and Japan, and has become popular in North America and Europe. Double cleansing is an easy method that requires using two types of cleansers, one after the other, and offers many surprising benefits.


Step one: Oil Cleansing


In the first step, you break down impurities with an oil-based cleanser. Splash warm water over your face, and simply massage the cleanser gently over the skin by using circular motions. Oil naturally attracts oil and other hydrophobic (water-repelling) substances. Much of the grime that builds up during the day on your face is hydrophobic, such as bacteria and makeup. This means that water-based cleansers will simply be repelled by these oily build-ups. An oil cleanser, on the other hand, will bind with the grime and gently dissolve it without stripping your skin, and instead defend your skin barrier and its natural oils.


Oil cleansers are one of the best ways to remove sunscreen from your skin. Research has demonstrated that using an oil cleanser is not only more effective in removing sunscreen, but also gentler and doesn’t cause irritation or dryness. Most importantly, the first step removes layers of build-up, enabling the second step to reach your pores for full cleansing without stripping.


Step two: Facial cleansing


In the second step, you will use warm water and a water-based facial cleanser to fully remove residue from the first step and deeply cleanse your pores. By working together with the first step, your cleanser will be able to deeply clean your skin without irritation.


The Navinka 2 Step Cleanser is suitable for all skin types, and it is fragrance free. The first step nourishes skin while cleansing with sea buckthorn and apricot oils. It gently breaks down surface grime, so the next step can purify pores. Step 2 gently detoxifies and cleanses pores with a soothing, foaming blend that includes soapbark extract, birch leaf and cilantro extract. Step 2 will not strip your skin, but instead promotes healing.


How to give yourself a facial massage


Double cleansing also slows down the cleansing process and allows you to practice self-care and improve your skin. Massaging an oil cleanser into your skin to ensure most of the debris is broken down is an opportunity to give yourself a facial massage. Here’s how to do it in five easy steps:


  1. Pat oil cleanser on to your face.
  2. Start at the top of your face and gently massage your forehead in circular motions.
  3. To massage the eye area, gently glide your ring finger back and forth under the eyes without pulling on your skin. Then, tap the tops of your cheekbones.
  4. Continue massaging in circular motions on your cheeks down to the jawline.
  5. Gently massage the oil around the perimeter of your face to ensure you don’t miss a spot.


Facial massage helps improve circulation and lymphatic drainage. This helps improve skin structure and tone, slowing signs of aging. In addition, the relaxing motion helps reduce tension and stress. Finally, facial massage helps ensure your skin is fully cleansed and ready to absorb nutrients that keep it healthy and radiant!


The bottom line: all skin types will benefit from double cleansing. It will only take a few extra minutes every night to improve the health and appearance of your skin.

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