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Zoom + Gloom. Dealing with the dull eye zone.

Zoom + Gloom. Dealing with the dull eye zone.

How to make your eyes look and feel less tired?

Too much zooming coupled with gloomy weather can make your eye zone look and feel dull. Why?


Everyone knows our eyes get tired from looking at the computer screen. Part of the reason is that screens emit light and have no depth, making them hard to focus on. So what do we do? In an attempt to focus we blink less. When we blink less, we are not giving our eyes the super important intermittent resting that they were designed to receive. 


In addition, if you sit in front of a computer screen for long periods of time,  you don't move your body, slowing down blood circulation and making it harder for your body to deliver energizing oxygen to your eye area. 


So, how can you give your eyes some relief from screens?

1. Blink! That's right. Just look away and blink several times :)

2. Look at greenery. Green color has the optimum wavelength for our eyes, we see this color with the least amount of effort, which makes green relaxing to look at. 

3. Do a few sun salutations or simple squats to get the blood pumping, which will bring oxygen to your eye zone.



"I don't zoom but this gloomy weather is making my eyes look dark and puffy"


Why does gloomy weather make your eyes so tired?


Sunlight signals to our bodies to stop producing melatonin, the sleepy hormone that makes us feel tired at night. So, naturally when it’s dark and overcast, our bodies tell us it’s time to sleep. If we don't follow this cue and stay awake -  we get the puffy and dark eyes situation. 


Here are a couple of tricks to get relief from gloomy weather eyes:

1. Wash your eyes with cold water. It will improve circulation and wake you up, bringing a rush of energy to the eyes.

2. Use a coffee ice cube. Caffeine naturally improves microcirculation.

3. If you don't feel like smelling like coffee you can use an eye serum that has caffeine in it, such as our Eye Transformer. This little gem is designed to energize the eye zone by improving microcirculation with caffeine, licorice and yarrow flower extracts. Keep it close and apply just a couple of drops throughout the day.


Heavy and dull eyes are such a bummer, but if you follow these simple steps you will feel a sense of wakefulness and relief. 


Be gentle to yourself,




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