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Elastin Skin Benefits

Elastin Skin Benefits

We often hear about collagen as the vital protein that helps skin keep its youthful appearance. But there is another vital amino acid complex that is just as important - yes, we’re talking about elastin.


Elastin is responsible for keeping the collagen bundles together and gives skin its elasticity. Aging causes elastin production to slow down, leading to loss of structural integrity of skin and forming of wrinkles.


Elastin depletion is especially noticeable in skin that is exposed to sun damage, resulting in sagging skin.


Using topical elastin supports regeneration and remodeling of the dermis, which is critical for achieving smoother and firmer skin appearance.


You will see a significant improvement in your skin’s elasticity when using Tzone and Cheeks. This serum duo utilises the power of elastin as well as red algae and sea kelp. It’s a marine powered cocktail that supports skins structure, protects it from sun damage and dives deep to hydrate.


Try this incredible product today.

Tzone and Cheeks - $69



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