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Fine Lines and Wrinkles: What’s the Difference

Fine Lines and Wrinkles: What’s the Difference

At a certain age, you may start wondering about how to stop the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. What would happen if instead of dreading these parts of aging, you took a self-care and self-love approach? Fine lines and wrinkles are a natural part of aging. The appearance of them means you have been smiling, laughing, and having fun. They also mean you are enjoying the privilege of having a long life. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t put your freshest, most radiant face out there! Here are some tips to improve your skin’s appearance – and figure out what causes these lines in the first place.


What are fine lines?


Fine lines are the start of wrinkles. They may look like lines that don’t bounce back as quickly when you smile, squint, or frown. You may also see them in places where your face usually moves, such as smile lines, the “11” between the eyebrows, or around your mouth. Fine lines are closer to the skin’s surface layer than wrinkles and are caused by repetitive movement.1


What are wrinkles?


Wrinkles are deeper folds or creases that form on your skin as a natural part of the aging process. Some lifestyle habits can accelerate wrinkle formation. However, wrinkles usually develop because of thinning skin, a lack of collagen production, or a combination of both. In addition, sun exposure, pollution, and lack of hydration can also accelerate the skin’s aging process and wrinkle development.2  Hormonal imbalances and certain health conditions may also contribute to wrinkle formation.3


What is the best skincare for fine lines?

You might be wondering if it’s possible to improve fine lines with skincare. It’s not magic like an advertisement might make it seem, but there are certain ingredients that can improve the texture and overall appearance of fine lines. AHAs - alpha-hydroxy acids  are a group of peeling ingredients that are used to help resurface the top layer of the skin and encourage new cell generation. Using products with AHAs can greatly improve the appearance of fine lines over time. Look for gentle acids that won’t irritate the skin such as mandelic and phytic acid found in the Nightly Calibrator overnight serum.  

are another group of ingredients to know for deeper support of skin integrity. It’s an element that is produced naturally by our skin but decreases production as we age. The eye area is one of the first to begin showing signs of aging, due to its naturally thinner constitution. Copper tripeptide can help the skin in this area bounce back as it increases collagen, elastin, and glycosaminoglycan synthesis, as well as supports the function of dermal fibroblasts. These actions firm and smooth the skin.  Eye Transformer Serum features this ingredient as well as several other nourishing and protective ingredients. 


What is the best skincare for deep wrinkles?


It takes more than applying products to improve the appearance of deep wrinkles. Deep wrinkles are a natural part of aging and cannot be erased with skin care products. However, it is possible to practice restorative methods to improve the surface of the skin and promote collagen synthesis.


For deep wrinkles, visit a qualified esthetician experienced in advanced facial massage techniques that improve the flow of nutrients in the skin’s layers. It also improves blood flow and lymphatic circulation, which reduces puffiness and rejuvenates the complexion. Buccal massage – known as “the inside-out face massage” – is one type that can help.


During a buccal massage, the esthetician will cleanse your skin and administer pressure that targets muscles around the mouth and inside of the cheeks. The entire process takes about 30 minutes.


You can also practice self-massage at home or give yourself a self-facial. As a daily practice, it not only improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles but also provides a relaxing experience that helps melt the stress of the day away.


To get started with a facial massage at home, put it into practice while you are cleansing your skin. Apply light pressure in circular motions so you can truly feel your muscles moving, and don’t forget to press your fingers above the brows and move upward to smooth out the forehead. Be sure not to tug or pull on the skin during your cleansing massage.


Fine lines and wrinkles are nothing to be embarrassed about. You should celebrate your beauty at every age – and in the process practice self-care methods that will help you feel confident.








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