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How to improve ingredient absorption and delivery

Investing in skincare products that have effective and clean ingredients is the first step in ensuring your skin’s health and radiance. But if these ingredients are not delivered correctly, the benefits may not be as obvious and you might walk away with lacklustre results. So, how can you be sure your skin receives all the benefits of your skincare? The best way is to unlock the pathways into your skin with a gentle AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) exfoliating serum such as our Nightly Calibrator.


Dead skin cells cause skin to look dull, cause breakouts and prevent other skincare products from absorbing into the skin. But using an AHA to eliminate dead skin cells by weakening their connections, allows the skin to absorb active ingredients more effectively and therefore able to treat skin concerns rather than just sitting on the surface of the skin with the dead skin cells.

The best way to use an AHA serum is to apply
it after the cleanser step in your routine. You don´t need to wait for the serum to absorb into the skin before applying a moisturiser or other serum products. In fact, you could even mix a couple of drops of AHA into your moisturizer. The key point of AHA is to clear away blockages of dead skin cells that would otherwise prevent adequate ingredient absorption.


However, not all AHA serums are created equal. Some use small molecule acids that dive a little too deep, causing irritation, or use pH levels that are too low and cause too much exfoliation.

With these vital facts in mind, we designed Nightly Calibrator with large molecule acids and optimum pH to do its work without causing any irritation. This serum improves ingredient delivery of other products while bringing its own unique benefits to your skin.

Nightly Calibrator features strong antioxidants and a ultra moisturising element called beta glucan (via shiitake mushroom extracts). Including this key product into any skincare routine will enhance the effectiveness of other skincare products and active ingredients, improve skin hydration, texture, and boost your skins glow.


Add this key product into your routine today!

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